Nicole Melleby

"I long so much to make beautiful things. But beautiful things require effort-and disappointment and perserverance."
                                                                                    - Vincent Van Gogh
Middle Grade Author
Barnes & Noble - Holmdel

Barnes & Noble in Holmdel

May 8, 2019

Nicole will be visiting her local Barnes & Noble with her debut novel Hurricane season at 7PM
Langston Hughes House

Langston Hughes House in NYC

May 9, 2019

Nicole will be part of an event with the I, Too Collective on May 9th in NYC from 7PM to 9PM
NerdCamp NJ

NerdCamp NJ

May 18, 2019

Nicole is excited to be an active participant of NerdCamp NJ 2019
Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub

Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub

May 25, 2019

Nicole will be attending this event at 2PM in Madison, NJ